Martian Life At A Wadi Rum Desert Dome Camp

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A visit to Jordan just wouldn’t be complete without visiting the vast, enchanting desert lands of Wadi Rum.

A popular thing to do on a trip to Wadi Rum is to stay in one of the local Bedouin camps to experience an overnight stay in the desert and to learn about the ancient Bedouin culture.

Did you know that the landscape of Jordan is so similar to Mars that it was recently used as the filming location for the Hollywood blockbuster movie The Martian, staring Matt Damon?

As you go on a journey around the desert of Wadi Rum you notice that the landscape and scenery is indeed very Martian and a bit surreal, like being on a red alien planet.

A visual mixture and blend of butterscotch-brown-tan with a red tint, this unique desert color landscape does look and feel like you’re walking around on Mars.

The unique rocky landscape is also perfect and popular amongst mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. You can find many hiking routes to enjoy in the area, or jump in a 4×4 Toyota and explore the dunes.

Be sure to keep a look out for the mushroom-like formations that are scattered around the landscape, and keep an eye out for the ledge formation that has an overhang that you can climb up and walk along.

These valleys have been formed over thousands of years to create the unique, magical landscape of the Wadi Rum. This is glamping on a whole other level, in fact, another planet!

The Martian Camp, Wadi Rum

Life on Mars can be experienced around Wadi Rum and a new way to tap into this Mars-like environment has just opened up in the area.

One local spotted an opportunity to create a different type of desert camp after The Martian film and created a dome-pod-like space environment for visitors to stay in overnight.

If you can’t afford a space ticket to Mars you can have an out of this world experience on our planet for a lot less in Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Experiencing the sensation of being in space whilst on our planet really is a privilege, and many locations around the globe can feel like you’re on the moon or taking a trip to Mars, how fun is that!

The Martian camp dorm rooms are newly built, modern in design and newly opened early this year in 2018.

The dome window and decking space are wonderful for stargazing and enjoying the motion like sunrise in the morning that pops up over the dune valley.

My advice would be to book in advance as space is limited and I’ve already had disappointed friends who were unable to grab a room. It’s the place to stay in Wadi Rum in the moment and I completely understand why.

I love how the pods are grouped together like you’ve created a remote Mars community and with a sprinkle of imagination you can whisk yourself and your friends to planet Mars for a night of stargazing.

Enjoy the wonderful experience of Wadi Rum stargazing

Wadi Rum is perfect for stargazing lovers and wistful space explorers, as the clear sky will help you to discover the wonders that shine above.

Many Bedouin-runs camps avoid using electricity as much as possible and instead use candlelight, providing perfect conditions to enjoy the stars.

Use the camp’s 11-inch telescope available to guests and look at galaxies, star clusters, and planets under the clear Rum Sky of Wadi.

It is a perfect out-of-this-world experience.

Rent a dune buggy for the day

Just like the NASA Lunar Roving Vehicle, you can rent out a dune buggy for the day and go out dune buggy bashing in the vast desert space.

A great way to explore the vast desert landscape with a local guide, and they are available to rent directly from the Martian dome camp. It is a perfect way to feel like you’re driving around on Mars itself!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your space suit on your next visit to Wadi Rum, Jordan and live like an astronaut without having to leave our planet.

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