Living On The Moon: A Visual Story of Iceland

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Martin Hierck?is a Netherlands-based photographer who specializes in documentary and travel photography. A visual storyteller, he captures poignant images in both black and white and full color.

Hierck is deliberate and thorough when collecting images for his photographic essays.? A keen observer, he is a gentle and unobtrusive photographer, giving people time to adjust to him and his camera before capturing the perfect scene.

His focus is capturing stories which may not appear in the headlines of the news, but are still worth telling. These stories involve ordinary people, a topic that has always evoked enormous curiosity in Hierck. Some stories are born while he is out shooting, or sometimes he might be inspired by current events. No matter the inspiration, he always strives for authenticity.

When he isn’t completing photographic assignments around the world,? Hierck works for as an optics specialist for Birdlife in The Netherlands.

Hierk has a has a beautiful visual story about Iceland, entitled “Living on the Moon,” a reference to the stark and space-like landscape.

Hierck says he was inspired to show a lesser-known side of Iceland,

I want people to see the ?other? Iceland. Iceland is indeed a gorgeous country with an extraordinary landscape and natural beauty but most pictures tell the same story. I want people also to see Iceland has the special conditions needed to generate geothermal energy. The high degree of volcanism enables Iceland to be the world leader in the production of this eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable power.

When asked which of his projects has impacted him the most on a personal level, Hierck reveals,

“I am currently working on a project capturing relics of the Soviet Union. I also try to portray people who are longing for the good old days of the Soviet Union. This certainly is the project that have impacted me the most. It is because I grew up during the cold war. The image that I had from the Soviet Union was formed by the sparse images that came to me through television. so I created a picture of the country myself. In my opinion nobody would like to live in such a country but I have met people who told me a totally different story. Moreover People from former Soviet countries are in contrast of what we often think amongst the friendliest and hospitable people in the world.”

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