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We are in the beginning of a new space era, and space tourism is just around the corner – not decades but years away. Space tourism will be for regular people who want to go to space. The new space era is about creating space experiences for people of all different ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels around the world.

Space Nation believes that tomorrow?s space travelers won?t even need to be highly trained astronauts or wealthy space tourists. They will be app users. The upcoming Space Nation Navigator app will equip the civilian astronauts of the new space era, and teach astronaut skills for those who are not traveling to space anytime soon. After all, astronaut skills are skills people even on Earth could use!

test the Space Nation Navigator app before the launch

Space Nation Navigator app motivates and enables the discovery of space skills for a new community of space travelers. The app, developed with real-life astronaut trainers, is the first small step in the Space Nation Astronaut Program. Participants embark on their own personal journey to the stars, taking the first steps towards leading a healthier and more curious life. Daily games, quizzes, fitness challenges, and weekly adventures let players learn essential astronaut skills by having fun. Players first take part in Basic Training, where they discover the core abilities that it takes to become an Astronaut 2.0.

High performing players ? determined by a number of variables including score? will be invited to join more advanced space experiences. Throughout 2018, Space Nation will be adding progressively more difficult content to challenge candidates to expand and improve their intellectual, fitness and social abilities.

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