We Should Terraform Earth Before Mars

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I grew up as an avid reader of all things science fiction. As I am approaching my 59th birthday, I have seen a lot of science fiction ideas come true and become science facts.

One of the most incomprehensible developments is a telephone where you can see who you are talking to. This was a laughable dream when I was growing up. In the olden days the joke was, when these science fiction picture phones come to the market place, don?t answer when you are in the shower!

A pervasive theme in the past 60 years in the science fiction world was about the exploration of space to find new habitable planets for humans to colonize after they destroyed Earth. ?If a planet wasn?t habitable, there was a process discussed called terraforming.

Terraforming would make the new planet like our planet Earth, which is generically referred to as Terra. The first step in terraforming is creating an atmosphere, and then creating a flora and fauna infrastructure to help sustain that planet and make it habitable.

Terraforming is still a hypothetical process, but, the idea is something that we might deeply consider as we deplete and destroy parts of our planet. This is the goal of our community of Space Nation Orbit; to look at what developments intended to benefit space research could also benefit us in our life on Earth. From traveling to and exploring space, there are practical applications to use on our planet Earth.

I believe the concept of terraforming can be re-engineered to help us to find ways to make the parts of our planet that we are destroying healthier once again.

The natural resources of our home planet are being diminished by pollutants in our water, soil, and air. We should immediately set our sights on terraforming, and think of practical tactics to turn the clock back on the destructive scenarios that we see happening around us.

On the simplest level, we need to clean and fix the earth on Earth! This means the SOIL! We need to clean our ground, or the impact will pollute our crops and our bodies.

We need to clean up our rivers, lakes, and oceans, and then keep them clean, or we will lose them and the organisms that live in them.

We need to clean our air, because it is a precious and essential resource!

Terraforming was science fiction and may yet happen on distant planets where we one day travel. And it might happen on our home planet, right here where we all live, because we are hurting Mother Earth, and we need to protect her by cleaning our land, sea, and air so that she can continue to sustain our ever growing population!

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