Strange Discoveries: Featured Artist Ida Sandberg

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Every month, Space Nation Orbit will be showcasing unique artwork from some of the most cosmic creators on the planet. Each of these artists brings their own perspective to the wonders of space and how they relate to daily life on Earth.

This month our featured artist is Ida Sandberg. As well as being an innovator in the realm of images, Ida is also a member of Space Nation?s Mission Control Crew where she holds the title of Visual Designer.

Welcome, Ida! Please tell us a little about yourself.

I studied at Turku University where I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts. I?ve been working as a visual designer for about three years, and I?ve been with Space Nation since May 2017. My educational background has been an advantage to me. I studied different techniques, and I?ve learnt to work alone and with other people.

What?s a typical day at Space Nation?s Mission Control like?

Typical days don?t exist at Space Nation! There?s always something new and exciting happening. I?ve learnt so much during my time here. I also consider myself as a kind of ?brand police? because it?s my job to make sure that all our materials have a consistent look.

What?s the most exciting part of working for Space Nation?

We are making space more relatable to people?s daily lives, and everyone has a chance to be part of it. As a designer it?s a positive challenge for how we can depict this. We can show that space is fun and not scary at all.

Do space themes inspire your work?

A lot! Space is really beautiful with all its colours and shapes. The unknown is interesting – space is so huge. We don?t know if we are alone in the universe. I love to imagine what alien life may look like.

What do you think the world of art has in common with space?

Art has always been a way to explain things and a way to understand who we are. We all live in space. It?s interesting to think where we come from. Space is always creating something new, new stars are born and old stars die. This is right at the core of the creative process. Life and death has inspired art ever since the days of cave paintings.

You?ve created a new artwork for Space Nation Orbit. What?s it about?

The artwork is called Strange Discoveries. It reflects one of Space Nation?s values – discovering together. In the artwork a woman astronaut has landed on a new planet and she?s starting to explore her new surroundings. I loved that I had the possibility to create something unique for Space Nation. I usually draw with pen and ink, so it was fun to draw with a computer for a change.

How can people buy this piece?

It?s available as a t-shirt or a tote bag at Space Nation Orbit?s shop.

Final question – do you see any similarities between astronauts and artists?

Yes! In both disciplines you have to always push yourself to experience new things and learn from them. You need to keep yourself open minded and have determination. Astronauts and artists – you have to believe in yourself and your potential to achieve anything if you work hard enough at it.

Thank you, Ida!

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