Space On Earth: Pod Hotels For Your Bucket List

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People of all ages are fascinated with space and all things related to it. Many children aspire to become an astronaut. The dream of witnessing all that vast and immense unknown, and being among the stars and planets is something that tickles the fancy of practically every person.

People quickly realize that going to space is not as easy as cartoon shows portray, but that does not take away their inclination towards acting like an astronaut and wanting that space like experience.

For this, amusement parks have created carefully detailed rides that take one through simulations of a rocket launch or weightlessness.

But did you also know that capsule or pod hotels are pretty close to how astronauts sleep, in small and close quarters without much room to move? There are even space themed pod hotels that give you an extra kick of actually being in space with a quick reprieve from any possible claustrophobia.

Here are a few pod hotels to give you that space experience on Earth:

Shenzhen XingYu Space Capsule Hotel in China

Shenzhen XingYu Space Capsule Hotel is a space-themed capsule hotel in the Shenzhen state of China is a good one for those looking at affordable yet tasteful accommodation.

The pods come equipped with the standard essentials along with a TV and a computer. They are so spacious that you can even sit up and read without having to worry about bumping your head on the ceiling.

MET A Space Pod in Singapore

MET A Space Pod Hotel is the first (and only) pod hotel chain in Singapore, and a must for those who love the space theme.

There are currently three locations around the city. The trademark interiors feature stark whites and blues that enhance the feel of actually being in a space pod.

Kaiteiki Hotel and Capsule in Vietnam

The Hong Kong Kaiteiki Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam is located on one of the most popular streets in the city, Pham Ngu Lao.

The hotel is quite affordable but at the same time gives a good space-like feel with the decorations in the pods themselves. The big Earth wallpaper literally makes you feel as if you are looking down from a space station.

Urbanpod Hotel in Mumbai, India

The first capsule hotel in India, Urbanpod in Mumbai offers a unique style of accommodation in a very neat fashion. The close-set pods and the futuristic design of them gives a very space-like feel and, for Indians, this is really great since now we don?t have to travel to some foreign country to experience it.

CityHub in Amsterdam

The colorful interiors at CityHub, coupled with the white exteriors, create a wonderful contrast for this pod hotel. The added features of slotting bunk beds, touch-screens littered around the hotel and a digital concierge makes one feel as if they are living in the future.

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