The Space Nation Community And The World Cup

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Space Nation And The World Cup

The World Cup is an exciting event for each country in the competition. We dream of a future in space with no borders; a real Space Nation! We asked members of Space Nation their views on football and what we can learn about unity from the World Cup.

Jelena Cviji? – Croatia

In my country we are all crazy about football. We simply adore it! I go to matches as often as I can.

Since I’m one of the candidates in Space Nation Navigator, I often think about it how Space Nation teaches us one thing: No matter where you are from, no matter what your age, no matter what your beliefs, we all need to cooperate. Astronauts need to work together to complete missions in space. In football matches, we need to be united as fans.

The Space Nation app makes me feel that everyone involved, from employees to candidates, are all one big family. Every time I am on Space Nation Navigator app, it makes me happy to see great candidates from all over the world.

In 1998’s World Cup, the Croatian national team won third place. Everyone in Croatia hopes that 2018 is our year to take the top prize!

Though I am not able to attend the World Cup this year in Russia, I will be watching the games, and remembering the unity between fans I experienced at the last European championship in Paris.

Iv?n Garc?a – Uruguay

My name is Iv?n Garc?a. I am from Uruguay, a small country in South America of only 3 million people. Football is part of our national identity, and our way of inserting ourselves into the world and sharing unforgettable moments with other great countries.
Uruguay organized and won the first World Cup in 1930, and we won again in 1950. Since then, our performances have not been as good, but football has transmitted from generation to generation our most important values: Teamwork, perseverance, fellowship, determination, never giving up.
Sometimes we win and sometimes we do not. But we always leave every last drop of sweat in every game.
Children acquire these values from a very young age and they remain in time. We have a wise old trainer who has given us the best message: “The way is the reward”.? It means that we should enjoy the process, beyond simply anticipating the final result. In these intense weeks in the virtual game of Space Nation that has happened to me: I am enjoying the journey.

Hj?rtur Sm?rason – Iceland

How can a nation of 330.000 people have a national team at the World Cup? Not just a single player, but an entire football team? A team good enough to make a tie with Argentina!

It shouldn?t be possible. A team consisting of a film maker, a fisherman, a gas pump expeditor, and lead by a DENTIST! And not even Messi could get the ball through. In a penalty!

The secret is in the sauce my mother used to say! (Ok, not true. My mother?s cooking was crap, but you know the saying) And the secret to the Icelandic success lies not in the players, but the team. What glues them together? They are well organized. They are optimistic. They fear nothing. And most importantly, they believe that if it has never been done before, it?s their opportunity to become the first.

In the first game they played against the notorious Argentinian team. And Argentina got a penalty. Facing Messi, goalie Hannes Halldorsson, a trained film maker and part time footballer, had the difficult task of defending the goal against the man who is said to be the best footballer to have ever walked the face of Earth. A man who has never failed to score from a penalty at a big competition. He said to himself: ?Hannes, this is Messi. No one has stopped the ball from this man. So I guess I?ll have to be the first to do so.? And so he did. It was a tie.

Faith is important, and together with good training, preparation, and fantastic team work, it can get you amazingly far. Team work within the team isn?t the only factor at play here though. There is the mysterious twelfth man. Who?s he?

You might have heard him. He?s loud. He claps. And he says H?h! A very strong, loud and scary H?h. The twelfth is the name of the supporters that follow the team everywhere it goes and who lead the now infamous Viking clap of the Icelandic supporters. They are not just football hooligans that chase the team. That are an important part of it. Rumor has it that a couple of hours before each game, the coach of the Icelandic national team meets the twelfth at a bar and shares the upcoming game strategy with them. In full detail – and full confidentiality. And it has never ever leaked. And the reason is simple. They are part of the team. And they support it all the way. When you have a few thousand Icelanders in a stadium that could accommodate one third of the nation, against tens of thousands of the opponents supporters, you will probably still hear the Icelanders Viking scream drowning the noise of the rest. And that reassures the team on the field that they too can drown the much larger team they are facing. That they can overcome. That people have faith in them so they have faith in themselves.

The impossible is rarely achieved by a single person. No one really has superpowers. It isn?t until you have the right team behind you. It doesn?t matter if you are talking about the success of the greatest invention of your time, or a journey to the moon. Tesla was defeated by Edison, not because Edison had a better invention, but because Edison had the right team working with him that had the skills needed for marketing, fundraising and negotiating. Apollo 13 made it back not because of the three on board, but because of the tireless work of a dedicated support team in Houston. And we will build a colony on the Moon and explore the surface of Mars on foot the exact same way. By a strong team in the field, and an even stronger support team back at the base. An entire nation of supporters. The Space Nation.

Kofi Sika Latzoo – Senegal

Watching the astronauts, Anton Shkaplerov and Oleg Artemyev, of the Roscosmos?Russian space agency, play goalkeeper in the International Space Station made it feel as if there was only one step between Senegal, Russia and football to the?AeroSpaces sector.
Senegal,? a?nation of 15 million people, roars in one voice with every goal scored by The Lions.
The Lions, is led by the only black coach of this?World?Cup, and was one of a few African teams to win their first 2018 World Cup match.
Senegal has a deep culture of football, and is heavily investing in sports as a country.? One is often surprised to see an executive, dressed in a business suit, stop to demonstrate to young neighborhood children how to juggle a ball, in a special act of community.
In Senegal during World Cup football matches, the streets are deserted, the weather freezes until the first goal or literally the population goes out into the street making as much noise as possible?during a long?one minute . It’s?a fanatic?passion of football that erases boundaries, religions, genres, barriers, and even infiltrates cyberspace.
In Dakar, players and fans of digital culture do not hesitate to replay the matches of the Russian World Cup with the official FIFA World Cup content on the video game FIFA18 World Cup Update. During a tournament of pre-selection of talents in electronic sport (esport) during Ramadan, we could see young Senegalese players compete in the evening at fast food restaurants of the Senegalese restaurant chain PLANET KEBAB Africa. On June 16 at 5:30 pm sharp, the counter of the PlayStation FIFA World Cup Russia interface posted 2,321,625 online players worldwide playing on FIFA18 WorldCup Update online, knowing that more than 7 million users are playing in the world on this video game and they will follow very closely the final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup in London from August 4 to 8, 2018.
The digital world today feeds the physical world and vice versa. Digital expertise and physical conditioning are both essential to our survival on Earth, for sports, and for the colonization of other planets. In May 2018 in Senegal, Space Nation launched the first training application for astronauts in Africa: Navigator. The games in the application take into account the physical, educational and fun challenges that serve as a digital democracy for potential African aspiring aerospace professionals by becoming an astronaut. Just as real astronaut training are now available to all of the world via VR and AR experiences, and the World Cup finds its way into far-flung parts of the Earth thanks to video games, ANYTHING is now possible, thanks to respect and unity.?

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