Space Nation Orbit Launch Party, NYC

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Space Nation Orbit is an online magazine focusing on space lifestyle.

What does that mean? Space lifestyle is not an established niche, so the phrase invites many questions and quizzical looks.

The reasons for a space lifestyle publication are many. For one, things that are required in the life of an astronaut, like minimalism, conservation, cross-cultural cooperation, team work, mental health, and physical exercises are things that could benefit each of us, whether we ever leave Earth in a spaceship or not.


The Space Nation Astronaut Program will bring a NASA-approved training experience to all in a fun learning app called Space Nation Navigator launching in February 2018. The training program focuses on the whole person through three tracks: body, mind, and social. Space Nation Orbit content will also be featured in the app.

All citizens of Earth can benefit from astronaut skills like cultural understanding and team work skills. We all need to be in healthy physical shape, and we all want a simple fitness regimen that’s easy to keep up with. Everyone could use little more inspiration and ability to self-motivate.

While most of us might not ultimately decide go to space, we all need astronaut skills, and anyone can start to learn with Space Nation.

Not only are we, the members of Space Nation, excited to give people the resources to educate themselves just like an astronaut, we seek to build a community of like-minded individuals for whom the sky is not the limit.

#OrbitLaunch, NYC

On November 9th, 2017, the head honchos of Space Nation Orbit traveled from Finland to join forces with the New York team for a launch event.


Photo: (left to right) Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite, Annu Passi-Rauste, Caitlin Burns, Katja Presnal, Salla H?nninen

A selection of the best and brightest content creators in NYC were invited to Loft 29 in Manhattan to meet Space Nation and prepare for future partnerships. The event featured food from Fresh Direct, decorations from Flying Tiger Copenhagen, and Earth-friendly swag!

#OrbitLaunch Event NYC

Guests participated in “red carpet” interviews, and a collaborative art experience.

Space Nation Orbit Launch Red Carpet

Writers and influencers went home that night full of excitement, a new perspective on space travel, and ideas of how to contribute to Space Nation Orbit.

The launch event was just one small step for Space Nation Orbit! Our journey has just begun. If you would like to join our team as a contributor, reach out to and let’s talk!

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