Who Will Be The First Space Nation Astronaut? It All Starts Now.

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I?m so excited to announce you that the Space Nation Navigator app is now available to download for iPhones at iTunes App Store and for Android devices at Google Play store.

Together we are making history.?

I am sure I?m not the only one here who grew up staring the stars and dreaming about going to space. I took it granted that we are going to space as it were just another continent. I saw myself living and working in space. ?But when I was a teenager, I realized that going to space was not going to be as easy as I thought, especially for a farmer?s son from a tiny village in Finland. But I didn?t have just dreams, I decided to do somehting about it. Fifteen years later I founded Space Nation with my dear friend Mazdak Nassir.

We celebrated the soft launch of Space Nation Navigator in at Yuris’ Night event in Los Angeles. I?m sure that Yuri Gagarin would have been excited to know that in only eight years after his space flight, a man took the first step on the Moon. We made it to Moon with the computational power of an IBM computer about the size of this room. It sure looked like things were developing fast.

Now, almost fifty years later, humanity has not expanded any further.

Technology has advanced enough to travel to other planets, but we have not made much progress in the human expansion to space. Where are the space cities, settlements on the Moon and Mars?

The technological improvement has been faster in the past fifty years than we have ever seen in history, but we have stayed put.

The computational power needed to go to the Moon, can now be found in a microchip small enough to fit at the tip of a finger, and a small one. And we all have the access to thousand times of the computational power needed for the Moon-landing in our mobile phones. We can access more information and knowledge instantly with our fingertips than all the NASA scientists and engineers had during the Moon landing.

But what do we do with all that power..? We share pictures of dogs, live stream the best moments in our lives, and read tweets written by reality TV hosts. Billions of people with the most powerful machine ever invented spend hours each day connecting, sharing, learning ? but not going back to the Moon or beyond.

But that is going to change. Together, we can make history.

If we could go from sending the first man to space to putting a man on the Moon in just eight years, imagine where we can be in eight years from the first commercial human space flight with the current speed of technological progress.

With 3D printing we can even print entire houses, and easily build things on remote planets!

Advancements in urban farming and hydroponics enable growing on soilless planets.

Reusable space crafts and docking stations can drive down the price of a ticket to space. And harnessing the resources of the Moon, ever more.

With changing human perspectives on space travel – imagine how we can transform the way people perceive our spaceship Earth, and the way we build our houses, grow our food, treat our water resources, our waste management, and working together with common goals.

The way we treat life on Earth. The way we perceive our fragile little blue dot and the tiny little window of the time humanity has had on this planet. Because in the big picture, Earth is not the human planet. Earth is the planet of the dinosaurs who roamed here for more than 180 million years. That is more than 500 times longer than homo sapiens has existed. And you of course know why they went extinct. Because they didn’t have a space program.

And that is what we, at Space Nation aim to do.

We want to engage everyone in space exploration and the discoveries that space travel will bring us. To engage them in the astronaut perspective on Earth and how we treat our planet to make it viable for humans for millenials to come. It’s that perspective that matters the most, rather than if they actually go to space or not.

Together with you, we can do this.

Download the Space Nation Navigator app at now.

Space Nation Navigator is an astronaut training app for everyone. ?We have worked together with Axiom Space, the trainers of NASA astronauts, but we turned the NASA training into fun games, quizzes and challenges.

You can start your training for the expansion of humanity to space and you don’t have to have a PhD to do that. You don’t have to own a particular passport. And you don’t have to have a billion dollar bank account.

The 50-year-old, self taught mechanic in Detroit, the 13-year-old girl in Argentina who thought her passport would make it impossible to become an astronaut, and an aspiring entrepreneur in Berlin all can start their astronaut training with Space Nation Navigator.

With their mobile phones. That’s all you need.

We have developed a series of minigames and challenges that train the skills astronauts need. Not just astronaut skills that benefit people when travelling in space, but we also believe that astronaut skills are the life skills that benefit people when navigating life here, down on Earth.

Creative problem solving skills. Personal development skills. Physical skills. Cognitive skills. And of course, social skills such as teamwork above all. These are the skills that help us thrive on the spaceship Earth.

Launching the app is just the first step. There?s more to come.

Space Nation Navigator will feature content for beginner, intermediate and advanced difficulty levels, each one coming out in 2018. Space Nation Candidates can become eligible for prizes, and opportunities for even more exciting astronaut training experiences.

We are selecting 100 best candidates around the world to an astronaut training camp in the beginning of next year. It will be filmed and broadcasted. And through that physical training camp we are going to pick further 12 candidates that continue to an intensive 10 week astronaut training until we finally have the first Space Nation Astronaut in the spring time of next year.

The first Space Nation Astronaut will go to space – for real.

Yes, you read it right: someone will go to space. Already in 2019. That’s just next year. We are sending at least one astronaut to space every year: first to visit, then to the orbit, to the Moon and beyond.

Space travel is a real possibility for any person on the planet with a mobile phone, regardless of nationality, regardless of economic status, regardless of educational degrees. You don?t have to be a superhuman.

This is the day when we become one nation. A nation united in our greatest endeavour ever: the expansion of humanity to space.

Welcome to Space Nation!

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