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As a fashion blogger, I love to draw inspiration from sci-fi and space. In fact, I often describe my style as “Space Goth” — a mix of dark aesthetics with futuristic silhouettes, metallic fabrics, and alien imagery!
Over the years, I’ve shared many of these outfits on my La Carmina blog. ( From star prints to holographic bags, there are a variety of ways to express one’s passion for outer space, without looking as if you’re wearing a costume.
I hope these “space style” tips inspire you to add intergalactic elements into your wardrobe.
In classic sci-fi shows, the people of the future always seem to be dressed in tinfoil. I love to pay homage to these visuals by incorporating silver, shimmery fabrics in my outfits. A short metallic jacket is a great statement piece, which can fit with all types of fabrics and colors.
Recently, silver jackets have been been appearing on the runways. This alien-like designer puffer by Yves Salomon?is one of the finest examples. Vince?and Shoptiques make similar but more affordable versions of this silver winter coat.
I’m keen to be the first travel TV host to report from outer space — so I’m already preparing my footwear for the occasion! I’ve collected several holographic, iridescent designs, including stiletto heels and ankle boots that give off a rainbow sheen. Silver shoes go especially well with black and white outfits, as they break up the monochrome and draw the eye.
I find many of my holographic shoes from this site?, which has a variety of alternative and rave-inspired footwear. For an “exploring new planets in zero gravity” look, you can’t go wrong with a Moon Boot, which comes in men’s, women’s and children’s versions.
Every astronaut needs a white spacesuit to survive the conditions of deep space. In the winter, I like to wrap myself up in a long, white puffer coat by Snowman New York. It protects me from the elements, and makes me feel as if I’m on a journey to distant planets.
Quite a few designers seem to be inspired by the spaceman look this season. Moncler is renown for its futuristic outerwear, including this white belted jacket. Michael Kors makes a similar white puffer coat with a belt, and Jayde has a version with faux fur.
Even if you aren’t the most adventurous dresser, you can still add a bit of glam to your outfit with a space-inspired bag. I always travel with my holographic backpack, which holds lots of items and receives many compliments. I also have a clear baby backpack that lights up with different colored patterns — a must-have accessory for a rave or synthwave concert!
The online fashion site Dolls Kill?is the best place to find futuristic bags. My favorites are this hydration pack for surviving desert planets, extraterrestrial purse, and luminous duffel bag. For those looking to splurge on a luxury bag, Prada’s Cahier Astrology?is one of the loveliest in the universe.
When I dress up for a dinner party or occasion, I like to wear something with a nod to the cosmos. It’s a great conversation starter, and makes me feel as if I’m wearing something truly special: such as a galaxy print dress, or rocketship top.
No matter your personal style, there are many ways to subtly show your love of space. The Reformation makes dresses in star fabrics, and House of Holland has a retro-styled Space Cadet sweatshirt. Rixo also recently released an entire collection of dresses, tops and skirts printed with planets and stars.
In popular culture, aliens are depicted with giant bug-eyes. Why not mimic this look with glamorous, oversized sunglasses? They look flattering on most faces, and protect you from ultraviolet rays as well. I prefer to invest in designer sunglasses, so I have alien-like frames by Marc Jacobs?and House of Harlow. However, you can find large sunglasses at all price ranges from Sunglass Hut.
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