Orbit Waves Podcast, Episode 3: Organic Lifestyle

Welcome to Space Nation Orbit Waves, a space lifestyle podcast about unlocking human potential so you can win at life on Earth! I’m your host Amazing CanCan!

Amazing CanCan: I’m here at a booth at a wellness fair for a product called Biosil which is a collagen generator supplement that you take orally.

Can you introduce yourself? I just heard that you are the scientist!

Dr. Richard Passwater: My name is Richard Passwater, I am the education director at BioMinerals. We are a Belgium-based research and development company. I really tip my cap to you for trying to get people engaged to learn more about science! Its something that I am fascinated with, and I try my best, especially with young people, to get them involved, but its never too late to study science and learn how things work, especially the human body, which I think is the most fascinating piece of machinery ever invented!

But, our product is a collagen generator. Collagen is a strong, flexible, fibrous protein, which seems to be the body’s go-to material to make something that is both strong and flexible. You see it in the skin; the skin is about 75% collagen, and it reflects light and gives someone their radiance and glow. It also provides the suppleness and strength of the skin. It also has elastin which gives skin its elasticity. Collagen is also in the bones. It is 30% of the bone, and gives the bone its flexibility, and the ability to bend instead of break and to absorb impact. Modern bone researchers think that 80% of bone strength is actually due to the bone collagen.

Maintaining bone health is very important for people interested in space travel. The average astronaut loses about 1%-4% of their bone mineral density during the course of a stay in the space station due to the lack of gravity put on it.

Then, joint tissue is generally 70%-90% collagen, and ligaments that hold bones together, or the tendons that hold muscles to the bone, or cartilage that is at the end of long bones that allows the bones to slide rather than grind, they are all collagen based tissues. The body has to remodel or remake the collagen all throughout someone’s life to keep these tissues healthy.

So you see it in the skin, and people associate it with beauty and often discount it as vanity, but collagen is important. All the moving parts in the body need it. I think its best to keep your production of collagen high. Unfortunately, its not simple.

If you are low in magnesium, you can take magnesium. But if you are low in collagen, taking collagen doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you are going to actually incorporate new collagen in the collagen-based tissues. To put it there you have to build the collagen from scratch using amino acids. Its an enzymatically driven process, and that is where our product comes in.”

Amazing CanCan: So, what will happen when a person starts to take Biosil for the first time?

Dr. Richard Passwater: Generally, Biosil will increase the production of collagen, elastin, and keratin all throughout their body. You see the keratin in the hair and nails, also a little in the outer layer of the skin to hold moisture in. People see results first in about one month in their nails, stronger, thicker, faster growing hair in two months, improvements in the skin within 3 months, and in 6 months you can see improvement in bone density. With joints, the most recent joint study showed improvement in 12 weeks.

Amazing CanCan: Wow! That sounds incredible. I have a two month supply and it sounds like I might want to get more than that!

Dr. Richard Passwater: Its something that you can take every day all throughout your life. There are nutrients the body is looking for on a continual basis that the body needs to activate these enzymes that make the connective tissue. It works within the body’s natural physiology. So, I encourage people to give it a try. You will see it in your skin, but it is really improving your overall health, by improving the bones, joints, blood vessels, G.I. tract, even the lungs are collagen-based tissue that can benefit.

Tommy Crooks: I’m Tommy Crooks, owner of The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company. We are located in the beautiful East Lothian countryside. The company started seven years ago. We are 100% natural. The products we make don’t contain anything artificial. Everything is handmade. We use beeswax, a massive amount of beeswax. We source our materials ethically. For example we use virgin organic unrefined Shea butter that comes from a women’s collective in Ghana, which supports their infrastructure and encourage them to be entrepreneurial. Everything else that we make is scented with essential oils, not fragrance oils. We have a two and one half year shelf life on the products, because there is no water in them. If you add water, water turns, so you have to add things like parabens and stuff. We don’t do that. We use reusable packaging. So we are unique because we are 100% natural. Not 99% or 95%, but 100% natural.

Amazing CanCan: Well I’m looking and seeing things that will be really useful in a space lifestyle. I see you have a lotion bar which is cool because then the lotion isn’t floating around in your eyes and your space mask. I really like that the packaging is reusable, there’s not plastic. The lotion bar is in a tin.

Tommy Crooks: Packaging is very very important. Things like bottled water, there are loads of single use plastic things that are no longer acceptable to use because they are ending up in the sea and killing marine life. They are floating about and causing massive pollution. These bottles can take a billion years to fall to pieces so we are going for a totally recycle-able product. So we use glass jars that you can stick in a dish washer when the product is finished. You can make jam or marmalade to put in them, whatever you want. The tins that we use for the hand creams have a hundred different obvious usable. Basically we don’t use anything that you can use once and throw away. That is unacceptable now, and its unethical.

Amazing CanCan: We agree. The idea isn’t that we will go to space just because we made the Earth crappy, but the idea is that both space and Earth can be places where humans can live and thrive.

Tommy Crooks: I agree! And I just watched Lost In Space on Netflix so I really agree.

Amazing CanCan: Introduce yourself and tell me about what you got here.

Denise Austin: Hi everybody! I’m Denise Austin, fitness guru for years and years, health and wellness, and I’m so excited to share with everybody my new website DeniseAustin.com where I share all my new workouts, my exercises, over 300 new workout videos, also some great eating tips, some ways to stay healthy, beauty, ways to think better, stretches, meditation, I got it all! Whole body workout!

Amazing CanCan: How did this become important to you?

Denise Austin: Well, first of all I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 35 years, and I love what I do to help women and people to think about their health. I mean, we only have one body, you gotta take care of it! So there’s lots of things you could do to prevent disease, and exercise is one, eating the right foods is another, and a good healthy attitude. That is really important. So, I have kind of resurged with my new website, and I”m so excited to open it up here. I can’t wait to share all of my health and wellness tips with people.

Stay healthy up there in the space!


Anne Rierson, Aura Cacia: So I’m Anne Rierson the PR manager for Aura Cacia, we’re a of essential oils and aromatherapy products. In 2016 we launched a project called The Positive Change Project, and every year we give a quarter million dollars to organizations around the country that are supporting women and girls making positive changes in their lives.

Amazing CanCan: That is excellent! I am a huge super fan of essential oils, so tell me about your product line as well.

Anne Rierson, Aura Cacia: Absolutely! We offer essential oils that are sustainably source from the best groups around the world. We work directly with farmers to ensure that the sourcing process is done in a sustainable way, which means that we will have lavender or tea tree for years to come. We try to better their communities in the work we do, to ensure that we are not only benefit the planet but we benefit people.

Amazing CanCan: How important is it that essential oils be organic?

Anne Rierson, Aura Cacia: I think its beneficial for two reasons, one for the benefit to you personally, making sure you have the highest quality essential oils we can have, and also going back to those farmers we were talking about. Making sure that they are farming in a way that doesn’t put them in harms way, and organic is one way to ensure that they don’t have to deal with any kind of chemical processes that might not be good for their health and the health of the environment where they work.

Amazing CanCan: That’s such a good thought. Because if someone has to farm it, so if its not organic that’s going to bother them too, the communities and all that! So thank you so much for explaining that to me.


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