Former NASA Astronaut Gregory Box Johnson is Space Nation’s new Chief Space Officer

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The attendees at the Space Nation Iceland Astronaut Adventure were in for quite a surprise when former NASA astronaut Gregory Box Johnson joined the adventure on the last day. The Iceland Astronaut Adventure was a five-day astronaut training experience organized by Space Nation to live some of the Space Nation Navigator app challenges in real life. The last challenge was a search and rescue mission and involved going inside a lava cave. Once the astronaut trainees had finished the mission, no less then Gregory “Box” Johnson was waiting for them in the end of the mission!

It is time to make it official: @Astro_Box is part of the Space Nation mission control crew. Former NASA astronaut Gregory “Box” Johnson joined Space Nation as the Chief Space Officer. Johnson’s role will be to advise on the further development of the Space Nation Astronaut Program and future missions to the International Space Station where Johnson has been deployed twice.

Johnson left the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) in March 2018 where he has been for the last five years and is an advocate for STEM and science for youth. Johnson was the pilot of the Endeavour space shuttle on the STS-123 mission as well as her final flight, mission STS-134. In total Johnson spent 32 days in space, including his time at the International Space Station. Johnson holds multiple engineering degrees and an MBA, and is a trained fighter pilot. Before his career at NASA Johnson flew 61 combat missions with the US Air Force during operation Desert Storm.

Gregory “Box” Johnson:
“I first heard about Space Nation about 18 months ago and became fascinated by their approach and aim to democratize space. I know how that I was extremely fortunate to have been selected astronaut and get the opportunity to fly in space. Going through the astronaut training program has taught me so much and being in space seeing the Earth from above is a life changing experience. An experience we hope to be able to share with people on Earth no matter where they are, through the Space Nation Astronaut Program.”

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