The Importance of Making Space for Meditation

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With all the sensory overload we have in our lives, taking a break to clear our minds has never been more important or more beneficial.

Let?s be honest?being an astronaut can be stressful. What if something goes wrong? You?re possibly on your own, with limited resources and the weight of the mission and your survival is completely in your hands. No pressure! So being able to measure yourself, focus your mind and control your breathing in space cannot be overstated.

But for many the idea of meditation is either overwhelming or is just “too out there.” Neither could be further from the truth. In fact not only is meditation simple, it’s completely customizable to you. And it’s vital to your mental well-being, whether you?re in outer space or here on earth.

Types of Meditation

Here are a few types of meditation you can try and some apps to help you get started.

Guided: This is probably the lowest barrier to entry for newbies. Guided meditation consists of someone talking you through your meditation and the focus could be on any number of topics: mindfulness, prosperity, loving kindness, forgiveness, etc. If you worry you can?t clear your mind, guided meditation is great because the voice helps bring you back to the present moment.

Mantra: If listening to someone else?s voice doesn?t appeal to you, you can create your own mantra to say while you meditate on your own. All that?s involved is saying a phrase or a word in your head over and over while you breathe. Some ideas might be: I am worthy, I am calm, I am productive, I am loved, I am happy.

Music: If you just want to sit and breathe and completely clear your mind, perhaps meditating to music, the ocean or a simple bell, gong or chime, might be best for you. Meditating to music allows you to focus on the music but not require any specific thought or mantra.

Transcendental: Unlike other types of meditation Transcendental Meditation or TM, doesn?t require a focus on chanting or breathing. TM claims to be effortless with no emptying of your mind. It?s typically something that requires a multi-day course (that can be costly), but devotees swear by it for stress relief and clarity of mind.

Meditation Apps To Get You Started

Insight Timer: Completely free. Offers thousands of meditations: guided, music, silent, sleep-based, and a ton more.? You also have the option to search by length, topic, etc. A great app for new or experienced meditators.

Insight Timer for iOS

Insight Timer for Android

Headspace: Subscription-based (monthly, annual or lifetime) and also offers themed sessions of all kinds and lengths. Fans of Headspace like that it creates a habit of meditation. Offers themed topic packs (relationships, focus, anxiety) and even has meditations for kids.

Headspace for iOs
Headspace for Android

The Mindfulness App: Also free and meant for beginners or experienced meditators. Has a 5-day program to get started as well as thousands of guided and timed session options. Also includes a health app integration to sync your meditation practice time.

The Mindfulness for iOS
The Mindfulness for Android

Hopefully you feel inspired to give meditation a shot, even if it?s just for 10 minutes a day. Trust us, your mind and your body will thank you for it.

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