How To Make Every Day An Adventure

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It is said that money is the root of all evil, but money is a necessary part of life. If used correctly
and viewed with a certain detachment, it can be a good thing.

The true evil might be boredom. Boredom is a psychological state of being. The emotion of boredom feels like a lack
of interest, or tedium. However, psychologists have defined boredom as wanting to engage in interesting activities, but being unable to.

Boredom does not create, nor does it satisfy. The antithesis of boredom is adventure! In adventure, one cannot be bored simply because of the attitude with which you approach the task.

The space lifestyle, or even employing the mentality of approaching life like a space mission, guarantees a life of adventure.

Approach Tasks As Missions

Having a “mission mentality” allows you to look at all tasks as having a beginning, middle and end. Often in our regular lives, we are beset with routine that wears on us. Take doing the laundry
as an example. The way to make sure that doing laundry is not a tedious act is to view it as
mission critical. How can you get through the week if you do not do laundry? Doing the laundry
is seen as an important part of accomplishing the over all missions of the week.

Use Time As A Motivator

Some folks have temporal issues. If you are usually late, or often find you run out of time, you may be one of those people. Time is not the enemy. Time can motivate you! Make the task at hand your mission to complete in X amount of time. The gamifying of tasks by employing
time as a motivator makes you more efficient and helps to curb temporal issues. At the same time, even the most tedious of tasks can be fun.

Eliminate Detractors

Adventures require focus. Sometimes, there are folks in life that do not share or understand our goals. These
detractors, although well meaning, are usually scared or confused by the new and novel. They may feel that adventures are the things of childhood, like playing pretend. If someone pesters you with “concerns” that interfere with your goals, eliminate them from your life. This doesn’t have to be a traumatic occurrence; nicely say, ?thanks, but I am fine.? And then continue your adventure.

Have A Plan, But Be Flexible

Plans seem boring, but they are necessary to prepare for adventures in the real world. Think of your
plans as maps to the treasure. You can follow the map and you can allow for spontaneity. A combination of both will satisfy the need for adventure and the need to progress toward your goal.

Remember: Adventure Is A Mindset

Anything can be an adventure. Going to the store. Getting the oil changed on your car. Adventure is not place specific, but mind specific.
The decision to live your life like an adventure is up to you. You can save adventures for vacations,? you can view your life as bouts of
boredom and ?have-tos,?, and you can decide how or when you have an adventure. When you understand that the choice is yours, every day can be an adventure!

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