Why You Should Journal?in Space or on Earth

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Remember when you used to write in your diary as a young teen? You?d dish out all your feelings, emotions, struggles and concerns. It made you feel great to get those feelings on paper. Your diary was a confidant, some place you could truly share your innermost thoughts with no judgment whatsoever. A place to help you sort out your feelings.

What happened? Chances are you grew up, didn?t have time, maybe told your feelings to a real person (like a therapist). But for whatever reason, you stopped writing down your thoughts.

Journaling is essentially like writing in your diary, except it helps you focus on goals, mindfulness and gratefulness. Three things we all need yet push to the back burner. But as an astronaut, there is no back burner. You need to be present, focused and clear of your goals for each task, likely down to the minute.

Many people shy away from journaling because it seems daunting and time consuming. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, a few minutes a day and a small notebook are all you need to get started. And the mere act of jotting things down and setting an intention each day can literally be life changing.

It?s important to write with your hands and not on a computer as it stimulates areas of the brain and also is proven to be better at helping you remember what you?ve written. Plus it?s easy to keep a small notebook on your bedside table.

So what do you write about?


Simply write 1-3 things every day that you are grateful for. This could be a full fridge, a comfortable bed, your family. Anything you tend to take for granted.


Pick at least 1 thing you want to focus on or accomplish for the day. This could be a personal goal, like eat well, work out, don?t curse, or it can be something around your career or relationships. But make it tangible! Something you can measure if you do or don?t do it.

That?s really it. You can also add more, like weekly goals, an incident that either inspired or upset you and how you handled it. But if you?re looking to keep it simple, gratitude and intention are really all you need.

So whether you want to use a notebook lying around the house or make a small investment, here are some specific journals you can buy and some that take the guesswork out of what to write every day:

Moleskin or Marble notebook ? Got a leftover notebook your child didn?t use in school? Perfect. Have a moleskin lying around? Done. Anything with pages will suffice.

The 5-Minute Journal ? Exactly as it sounds. Just a few minutes in the morning and before bed and you?re done.

Bullet Journal ? A little more flexible and perfect for organizers, this lets you turn your journal into a to-do list, sketchbook, notebook and diary.

Do you journal? We?d love to hear how it?s affected your life and what you love most about it.

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