How To Have Fresh Herbs Any Season, Anywhere

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Fresh herbs are a simple luxury, and we want to make sure we can have them any time, anywhere.

There is nothing quite like fresh rosemary with lamb, or making pesto with a handful of fresh basil.

Even if you can’t grow a garden year round, you can still enjoy fresh herbs all of the time.

No matter your location, you can grow herbs indoors. There are a few ways to do this, including growing small pots or repurposed containers, or even setting up a hydroponic system. Herbs don?t have deep root systems, so they can survive and thrive in even a small pot, bringing joy to the palate as well as the eyes.

Here is how you can enjoy fresh herbs all year long:

Plant Indoors

Start your herbs in their own pots indoors. Small herb plants can be purchased in biodegradable cardboard pots. Plants like basil, parsley, cilantro, thyme, and oregano all transplant well and someone has done all the hard work for you of cultivating them. Small store bought herb pots are often inexpensive and will save a lot of time getting things started. From there, transplant the cardboard pot into a large one.

Find The Light

Throughout the winter months you can harvest the herbs you need for cooking and care for them indoors. They thrive on windowsills, but if needed, you could also use a grow light. If weather allows, take them on a little vacation outdoors if possible. You could put them on the front stoop, just outside of a window, or on a fire escape. This is where the herbs will really thrive and grow quite large. Enjoy them to their fullest in all of your dishes.

Flash Freeze

When your herbs are flourishing, harvest the flavorful leaves and flash freeze them while they are fresh. Find a place for them in your freezer and you can use them in soups and casseroles all winter long. This is a lovely way to enjoy them all year long and make sure not a single leaf goes to waste. Plus, the frozen herbs always taste better than the dried version from the spice aisle.


After you?ve flash frozen your summer herbs restart the process with new seedlings. They will be ready to use within days! Enjoy them fresh in dishes, and dip into the freezer for the frozen back-up supply whenever needed.

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