Emotional Perks of the Space Lifestyle

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When Pablo Picasso was asked how he felt about Apollo 11 landing on the moon, he responded, ?It means nothing to me. I have no opinion about it, and I don?t care.?

Picasso?s perspective is obviously skewed both literally and artistically. His ideas on life are rooted in work and there was little one can say about his ego aside from comment on the enormity of it. For him and others, space held little interest and exploration is only stimulating if it inspires you to act. For those of us who find inspiration in space exploration and the space lifestyle, we also benefit from the underlying emotional perks that are inherent in both.

Minimalism and Attachment

When it comes to the trappings of life, the Space Lifestyle embraces the idea of minimalism. There is something clean about removing the ?stuff? and ?clutter? of life that also seems to affect our mood. The underlying, emotional mechanism for this is freedom. Psychologist? William Glasser? proposed that freedom and autonomy were fundamental human needs. Minimalism allows individuals to make choices that are not anchored in one place. The idea of picking up and going wherever and whenever without regard to ?stuff? is an incredible freedom.

Living in Awe

Awe is an emotion. Positive Psychologist?s define awe as feeling ?pleasantly insignificant? – It is allowing a view or circumstance to completely overwhelm you in a positive way. This is a common emotion shared by astronauts upon their return. They do not report pride in their accomplishment as much as being appreciative of the awe that the journey afforded them. If you look up to a star filled night and feel that ?pleasant insignificance?, you are a candidate for the space lifestyle.

Effective Lives

The Space Lifestyle is a highly efficacious way of living. Being mission oriented involves both extrinsic and intrinsic motivations to complete the goal and task. Picasso may have been a hard-working artist who often espoused the virtues of working until you are found by inspiration but hard work with nothing to show for it is also crushing to most people. People who live the space lifestyle are prepared to venture out and create while still managing their lives and completing the mission. Like the astronauts on the space station, there is a time to work and there is always a time to play.

The emotional perks of the space lifestyle go beyond this brief list. The space lifestyle is rooted in progressive ideas of how to live and think. It is not a passive way of being. It is not enough to live in a dome home and claim that this is the space lifestyle.

The space lifestyle requires being present, planning the future, and being open to the new and awesome adventure ahead. Picasso may have ushered in a new way of seeing reality, but the space lifestyle is a way of being that will allow us to be ready for whatever life brings.

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