4 Cool Things In-Home Robots Can Do in the Near Future

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It wasn?t that long ago that the idea of having a personal robot was fantastically inconceivable as we watched them project messages to humans, assist in flying space crafts, and serve as in-home assistants through movies and television shows. Robots represented a futuristic world but with the development of artificial intelligence and continued advances in technology, yesterday?s science fiction fantasies are becoming our reality. Here?s a look at peek at the future and a few things that we can expect from in-home robots in the near future.

Check on Your House and Pets

Stationary cameras whose live feeds you can pull up in an app to check on your home seem archaic once you become acquainted with Kuri.

Mayfield Robotic?s Kuri can check on your house or pets and send you HD photos, videos, and even a livestream using the built-in 1080p camera located behind its eyes. With a camera behind its eyes, microphones to help it precisely locate sounds in your home, and mapping sensors, Kuri is able to navigate your house to find the source of the unusual sound and send information to you when you?re away.

Make the Perfect Latte

Programmable coffee makers are a thing of the past now that we have seen the possibilities. ?When Bubble Lab debuted their Robot Barista, they demonstrated how robots and intelligent coffee can take our favorite morning beverage to the next level. From grinding the beans, running the espresso maker, frothing the milk, and even making latte art, this incredible robot makes your first cup with a whole lot of style that is sure to put a smile on your face first thing in the morning.

Fold Laundry

By the time your Robot Barista is done making a cup of coffee, Foldimate will have folded a load of laundry just how you want! Smart robotic technology in this fast laundry folding robot makes this household ritual less of a chore, especially because you can adjust the folding method based on your personal preferences.

Be Your Dance Partner

With many of the features we?re used to seeing in devices with artificial intelligence that are currently on the market, Jibo stands out. Jibo?s three axis motor system enables this robot to spin 360 degrees in any direction and move freely so he?s ready to shimmy and shake at all times. Built in music and an engaging personality might just want you to stay home with your willing dance partner instead of going out on a Saturday night.

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